meet the team

Meet the Team


Tuco Productions was established in 2012 and specialises in a variety of media productions including music video, documentaries, corporate video, feature films and live event coverage.

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Justin Locke

Chairman / Cinematographer

An award winning cinematographer and director, Justin has honed his skills on a wide variety of projects including short film, music video, corporate advertisements and live event coverage. An energetic driving force within Tuco, Justin is a multitalented filmmaker with total commitment to every project he undertakes.

 Sean O’keeffe


Graduating with distinction from Curtin University in 2010 Sean has gone on to produce and cut a wide variety of projects ranging from short and feature films to music video and corporate advertisments.  His award winning work is currently being featured in the ‘Ikono On Air film festival.’


David Pille


Having graduated from Curtin University with an Honours Degree in Film and Television, David has emerged as a confident and charismatic producer consistently facilitating the production of high quality work well within the client’s budget.  However Dave’s skills aren’t limited to producing as he is a gifted director and an award winning editor.

Arun Raj

Project Manager

Arun has experience with documentary, corporate videos and music video production. Equipped with an Honours degree in Screen Arts from Curtin University, he works as coordinator for Tuco Productions’ projects and is competent at producing what the client wants be it on a small scale or on a large scale and is also multi-skilled in all aspects of filmmaking.



Alex Cahill

Sound Engineer

Balancing his award winning technical skills in sound recording and design with a truly unique creative flair evident in his directorial work Alex has also proven to be a gifted producer and cinematographer with an eye for detail.

Clara Schilizzi

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Clara recently joined the team as Marketing & Promotions Manager.  With a Masters in marketing and bachelors degree in film, Clara provides an efficient combination of knowledge and experience to the company. In charge of all social networking and promotions, she also has experience in music videos, documentaries, drama and promotional videos.