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Should I shoot this on my iPhone, and other fun questions…

This is not meant to be a whinge of a post. But it could be.

With great change in technology, comes great responsibility in wielding said technology.

It is often with furrowed brow and sweaty palms that you meet a new client and have to espouse your credentials without sounding like you think you’re the most amazing thing since sliced bread.

However, as every creative/content-creator/film-student-turned-corporate-video-producer might experience, no matter how experienced you are, in the current climate, most of the people you will meet to try and sell your skills will have at least taken a blurry photo and placed a filter on it and posted in on the web where it remains immortalised, and probably never seen by more than 2 people.

What is the point? That everyone believes they know what is required to make a video or take a photo. And that they could do it themselves with a device they use every waking minute of the day, and that most of the developed world has one if not more than one of each.

How do you impress upon them what you can offer? How hard can it be to film a video of your boss talking about the services of your company? Why hire a professional team to do the job?

From a Google search to explain why a client should hire a pro, you get the stock standard “It’s not easy to make a corporate video”, “Quality counts”, “We keep abreast of the latest trends so you don’t have to” and my personal favourite, “time is money”.

Of course the client wants to know what you bring to the table. What creative element “fresh eyes” contribute to their run-of-the-mill piece that has not changed since Sven brought his blue sky thinking piece to the boardroom.

However, do not fret. Focus on your strengths and ensure you have done your research before meeting your client. Watch their last few videos on their social media channels. Find a niche that they perhaps haven’t hit yet.

For example, if your client sells cars, watch a whole lot of car ads and find what is the common theme. What would make you interested in watching a particular ad over another.

Knowledge is king. Knowing what to do with said knowledge makes you a king killer.

And if you want to shoot the video on an smart phone, be my guest. Just make sure you have a reason to do so.

Just because you can, is not a reason.


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