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Getting started in the film and television industry

We all know that the Film and television is a very competitive industry in which many achieve success and others don’t. One of the hardest things about getting started in the industry is getting that first job! For some it can be easy if you have the right connections and information. Here are some tips […]... read more

Converting MTS Files to ProRes422 for use in Final Cut Pro 7

So here’s a problem that fellow editors may be facing which is how to best deal with importing MTS files into FCP7.  I often shoot with a Canon XA10, which as a side note is an excellent piece of kit, however it encodes the media as AVCHD (MTS) files which unless you maintain the exact […]... read more


Have you ever wondered how and why film has had the ability to invoke such strong emotions on a worldwide audience repeatedly? The kinds of films that become a Hollywood hit overnight, take itself globally by storm and are one that people can watch countlessly.  One note is that Documentaries are one of the most […]... read more